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E-visas for citizens and residents of New Zealand

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Currently, 33 countries are offering various forms of electronic processing

The electronic visa process

An electronic visa (or eVisa) is an official document which grants entry into the country for a specified duration of time. Electronic are processed entirely online without the need to physically provide your passport.
To apply for an electronic visa you will need to register an account, complete a series of questions related to this your trip, make payment, and upload documents to process your visa.
Once you have uploaded your documents our team will review what is provided to ensure that it matches the visa criteria. If an item is missing or unusable we will sent you an alert to provide another copy.
When all of the required documents are provided then application process will begin and our team will alert you as to expected decision date for your visa as estimated by the processing time listed on your order.
Once a decision is reached the visa will be mailed out to you in Adobe PDF format. Please ensure you bring a printed copy of the visa with you on your trip.
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    Real time status updates will keep you informed

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